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The week has been filled with lots of sleepless nights (mornings) and headaches. My room is the messiest it's been with piles of clothes and papers and take-out foam boxes all around. Ahh, the pleasures of finals week. But even with two big finals tomorrow, there's still time for muzak!

I've gone through most of this week listening to Enter the Wu-Tang repeatedly (with my hood up, of course). But when it gets too hot, I've been putting the hood down and getting my dance on - bringing me to our featured artist...

SANTOGOLD is the perfect balance of M.I.A. (who has worked on Santogold's album) and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O. Think Kala plus Show Your Bones. The Philidelphia native has been named Artist to Watch in 2008 by Rolling Stone, Spin, and BBC. (If the British love her, she much be good)! As an added bonus, like Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, she's worked with Mark Ronson on his album, Version. Her debut album dropped yesterday and should definitely be given a listen. Inspired by pop music rather than R&B, Santogold makes a point to say she's "not like Ciara" or "other brown girls." And after Ciara came to Syracuse last year, I say hoorah to that.

Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes

Santogold - Creator

Mark Ronson - Pretty Green (ft. Santogold)

Some other tunes that will make you shake yo tail feather:

Robyn - Cobrasnake (Teddybears cover)

Beck - Hell Yes

Theophilus London - JAM!

Theophilus London - BLINDFOLDED (preview)

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