It's been a week since our last post, and we do apologize. Interviews, projects, and papers have been controlling our lives for the past week, and it's not even hell week yet! (My hell week includes four final exams and two presentations in a total of three days). For those of you who attend Syracuse University with your favorite bloggers, you can particularly understand what I'm talking about and how hard it is to motivate yourself these last few weeks before year's end, while the beautiful sun (that has only come out a total of 5 days before this week) is begging you to come outside and play frisbee. That was a long sentence.

Lucky for us 'Cusers, we have MAYFEST! -a day of joy and celebration, procrastination and inebriation. Mayfest is a Tuesday in April, where Syracuse gives their students a day off from classes. And how do we respond to this? With a block party (with 38 participating houses) and a Fergie/Sean Kingston concert, of course. The annual block party was amazing, with a some thousands of students hanging out on the lawns of random houses along the sunny Euclid Ave.

Wait - so what is this post actually about? Spring fashion and a POP! of color, inspired by every single girl at the block party yesterday dressed in bright and vivid colors, bringing us out of a cloudy seven months in Syracuse. To see what I wore, head over to The Stitch Society, an awesome on-campus street fashion blog at Syracuse. (I was told my picture would be up by the end of today). This past season, it's been all about dark and deep colors: black, charcoal, plum, black, navy, and even more black. Looks have started out chic like paris, but have come to be dark and gloomy like Syracuse. How can you take the dark and bring it into spring and summer? CONTRAST and a POP of color! Nothing is more refreshing than adding something bright and fun to a dark outfit.

Milan's Etro does this best in their Spring 2008 collection.

To accomplish this look, try a fluorescent dress with black heels and a black cardigan. Or try a dark top with shocking bright pants. My favorite color combination is charcoal grey and neon green/yellow. If you don't want to invest in a bright dress or pair of pants, thinking you'll toss 'em in the fall, a cheaper and muted alternative is bright accessories! Adding a brightly colored bracelet, ring, belt, scarf, or pair of earrings shades or shoes will add a little kick and edginess to your outfit and transform it from winter to spring.

Speaking of POP!, I can't deny my love for Hugh Grant in the catchy PoP! Goes My Heart from Music & Lyrics. His 80's hip shakes will totally make you swoon.

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