Ryan Adams, You're Crazy, but I Love Ya.

So recently, Ryan Adams has been blogging up a storm. In addition to his website where you can play games, listen to all his albums and live recordings, read his novel in progress, and listen to every one of his alter-egos, his now-defunct Youtube page, and plenty of other crazy ramblings, he now has his own blog. I have a feeling that it will soon be gone much like all of his other internet ventures.

Check out his blog where he denies dating Winona Ryder and Alanis Morisette, and tells everyone how much he hates country music. There seem to be several break-up messages to his blog, so I'd get over there quick before it's gone. Ryan even wrote a song about his blog to all the people who call it bipolar. His blog's name is Foggy, in case you were wondering.

Ryan Adams - My Blog Foggy

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