Whether you're about to hit the club, have a picnic, or go out back and milk your cow, heidi braids may work for you. Personally, I enjoy wearing them while harvesting cucumbers, but you can wear them whenever you want.

In the past year, braids (especially these milkmaid braids) have been showing up on the locks of celebrities like Siena Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen, and on the runways of last fall's Bottega Veneta and Givency. However, you don't need to be an a-lister or professional hair stylist to pull it off. These braids are in fact simple to do. For a quick tutorial, watch WhoWhatWearDaily TV.

If your hair is too short for the double milkmaid braids, there are other options that look just as amazing. You can try bringing a couple small hidden braids into a messy bun or a thicker braid to define a side part with beachy waves.

After all this talk about braids, how could Braid, the band, go unmentioned? Although it'd be pretty sweet if Braid was the surname of a Swedish yodeller and wearer of heidi braids, they are still pretty sweet. Braid was a pioneer of 90's second wave emo. The Chicago based band managed to write these great songs before breaking up into Hey Mercedes.

Braid - New Nathan Detroits

Braid - A Dozen Roses

Braid - Do You Love Coffee

Hey Mercedes - The Frowning of a Lifetime

Hey Mercedes - A-List Actor

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