You better not be wearing brown nylons while reading this.

This is something I had talked about earlier, but I felt it was worth repeating because this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart.

I don't know if I'm alone in this, but I think brown nylons are awful. Unless you're a secretary over the age of 60, you should never wear hose! I see girls that wear them, and they look like some sort of muppet with there fuzzy legs. If there worn with open toe shoes, just sign up for the old age home right now. There is never an occasion or outfit that requires you to wear nylons. Maybe, maybe if you have really bruised discolored legs, then they would be alright in a very sheer style EXACTLY the same shade as your skin, and ONLY with closed toe shoes. Even when hose is worn with pants and shoes, it seriously ages you. It is never that cold that you can't go without socks, they don't even give you that much extra warmth! The only person I have ever seen that pulled off nylons perfectly was my high school A.P. English teacher, Ms. Hague, and it was because she was amazingly classy with awesome style, and hers matched her skin tone absolutely perfectly. The only reason I knew she wore them (because she NEVER wore them with open toed shoes) was when she took her shoes off to demonstrate a ballet move. And, oh yeah, she was 65!

So, in conclusion, PLEASE don't wear hose, and if you do, you BETTER make sure no one can tell!

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Glen said...

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