Cory for Sebastian

She was an intern for Mark Hunter, The Cobrasnake. She became an international it girl. Cory Kennedy, 18-year-old hipster from Santa Monica, CA, was announced the face of Sebastian Professional's new Whipped Creme product launching in July. Ok, we absolutely love Cory. love to hate, hate to love - and for what reasons? No one's really sure. But come on. Cory for a hair product? Please. I'm not sure she's ever even washed or brushed her hair. Maybe the idea behind it is that Sebastian's new product can fix even Cory's hair. Who knows. I'll admit she looks pretty good, but i'm on the border of whether I buy into it or not. You decide!

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Cameron Hoellrich said...

dont hate. that whipped cream stuff is the shit. my hair is so silky smooth!!!