Gossip Girl

So now that everyones favorite show, Gossip Girl is over for the season, we all need something to hold us over through a summer without the always juicy and drama-filled hookups and fights.

Although this show might have the most talked-about fashion since Sex and the City, I feel that it could always use repeating. The plot of the show sometimes takes a backseat to the fashion, but is that really a bad thing? With such awesome outfits to drool over, you can (almost) overlook whether Dan and Serena are going to get back together, or if Blair and Chuck could ever really work out. Honestly, what would the show be without Blair's classic style and headbands, and Chuck's many scarves?

Speaking of Chuck's scarves, which he admitted to wearing while doing the dirty in the season finale, (which, I personally would have it no other way), his infamous patchwork scarf is made by J. Press.

According to a spokesman: “They have been around for a few seasons. It’s made from the silk remnants created during our tie making. No one really paid much attention to them and they weren’t really selling. At some point a costume designer stumbled upon it at the J. Press store and included the scarf in the show’s wardrobe. When ‘Gossip Girl’ started to air, people came out of the woodwork looking for them — they have become some sort of power scarf. They sold out fast, but J. Press found some extra units in the Long Island City warehouse and had them sent to the Madison Avenue shop. They are available only by phone” — call (212) 687-7642 — “from the J. Press store in Manhattan.”

Good luck getting a hold of your "power scarf". Seriously? Power scarf?

Another item from the season finale that I am desperately hoping will show up in my closet real soon is the dress Blair wore to head off to the airport with Chuck. I am obsessed with nautical-themed clothing this season, and this 1940's sailor dress is exactly what I need.

I found the dress at Bettie Page Clothing.

Called the 'Captain' and selling for $150, how could you say no? I have a feeling that this dress will end up in my closet real soon. It was shortened a little for Blair and paired with white polka-dot gloves. Don't you wish that going to the airport was always that glamorous? Maybe I'll wear that on my next flight instead of my normal sweatpants and ponytail.

You can also head over to the CW website where you can view several pieces from each of the character's wardrobes. Dress like Blair on Monday, Serena Tuesday, and Jenny on Wednesday!

So I hope that these little things can help us all get through the summer Gossip Girl-less, and Chuck, I'll go to Europe with you any day.

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