Karl Lagerfeld Does Not Kid Around.

Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld is the new face of French safety. A new campaign for road safety tells the French bike riders, "It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't match anything, but it can save your life."

Lagerfeld agreed to pose in the shapeless protective apparel as part of a French government safety-awareness campaign, which was kicked off yesterday. The vest and a reflective triangle will become mandatory for all drivers and cyclists on July 1.

Speaking of good ole Karl, I have to mention my favorite interview with him ever in which he describes 10 things he hates. It ranges from fat people to the nineties, to people who try and touch him (they bore him to death). Its a must-read.

On another Karl note, did you know he used to be really overweight? He decided one day that he wanted to be thin to fit into to slim suits that were in style, so he managed to drop 92 pounds in 13 months! He even wrote a book on how to lose weight. Who knows, maybe everything thing we needed to know about weight loss is hidden in the head of everyone's favorite eccentric designer!

Here's a before picture, in case you were wondering:

MP3: Of Montreal - Suffer for Fashion


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