Andrea Crews

Today, being green is in, and overconsuming is out. Many clothing lines such as American Apparel and Jovovich-Hawk have already ventured into a medium of organic materials, but Andrea Crews is one of the first to create a full brand of recycled clothing.

The Parisian's collections are fresh, edgy, and fun, transforming an old pair of baggy sweats into a hott nightlife dress or trousers into a sexy pair of mini overalls. She's used her styles on both Santogold and Nike, and basically, she's fucking cool.

The only places in the US to pick up some garb is at Nektar De Stagni in Miami and I Heart in NYC (which is coincidentally my new favorite store!)

Watch a silly and slightly provocative video showcasing her collection below, and DEFINITELY check out the website!

Andrea Crews Anthem

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