Cursive's New Album

Tim Kasher and crew are currently recording a new album that just happened have the Cursive name. According to Tim in an interview with Self-Titled Magazine, the band gets together to record music with no regard to what they sounded like before, and if it sounds like Cursive, they call themselves that, and if it sounds so erratically different that it can't be Cursive, they call it something different. They decide Cursive's future on an album-by-album basis, and lucky for us, they have decided on a sixth studio album.

From recording in different cities, and even going as far as recording Tim's vocals from inside his bedroom closet, the band who have settled down in different places to start families made an effort to come together one week out of every month to record their new album, playing a few shows to cover the cost of travel.

In addition to bringing back the trumpet and trombone from their last album, they have added Geoff Dolce to play some mean fiddle. While their last album made references to Dorothy and "no place like home" feelings, the new album seems to have taken their cue from Saddle Creek's other main man, Conor Oberst, by being inspired (or dismayed) by the state of the union.

The album is being mixed as we speak, and we should expect an early September release. Now that Conor Oberst is releasing his first solo album in 13 years, not on his normal breeding ground Saddle Creek, but on Merge, which is home to pal M. Ward and a little band called Arcade Fire, and The Faint have split with Saddle Creek to form their own label, blank.wav., Cursive seem to be the front runners to take the crown as kings of the Creek.

I know I'm really excited to hear their new material, and here's hoping that Tim Kasher and crew keep "accidently" making many more Cursive albums.

Here are some new songs from the band's Daytrotter session, maybe they'll be included on the new album?

Cursive - Let Me Up
Cursive - Donkeys

And here's some oldies to remind you of how crazy awesome Cursive is (how could you forget?)

Cursive - Mothership, Mothership Do You Read Me?
Cursive - Lament of Pretty Baby

If you don't already have it (which you should), Happy Hollow is out now on Saddle Creek.