Fashion Week: Haute Couture FW 08 in Paris!

Monday to Thursday, tall skinny and exotically beautiful creatures have strutted down the catwalk with intricately and wonderfully sewn masses of cloth on their shoulders. What does this really mean? It's couture fashion week in Paris!

Haute couture is a label given to custom-ordered/fitted fashions that are very expensive, very detailed, very time consuming to make, and very fabulous. Every year, the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris names only the best fashion companies as haute couture houses. Read more about the Cult of Couture here. This year's select few include legacy designers like Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Gaultier, as well as guest members Christophe Josse, Stephane Rolland, and Felipe Oliveira Baptista. Alright, enough talking, lets take a look at some highlights! (images from Coutouture; click photos to enlarge)

Stephane Rolland

This year, the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 08 Fashion Week kicked off with Stephane Rolland, who was all about black and white satin, silver, and jewels. The crown of diamonds reminds me of Erin Wasson's crown of thorns she wore to the Alexander Wang show. (You can watch the crown and some booze in action here)!

Christophe Josse

Models were adorned with loose updos and wispy hair on the runway. Christophe Josse dressed his models in a mixture of fabrics from tulle to lace and managed to put it all together with a uniform stiletto: the super "in" gladiator with a velvet and jeweled twist.

Christian Dior

With a designer as crazy and eccentric as Gibraltarian John Galliano, of course Dior's couture line is the same. This season, it's all about the angles and curves for Dior. Galliano brings us a wardrobe for the 1940's vixen meets flapper. Add in jeweled platform stilettos and what I'd like to call sexy side bang hats. Now take a look at the final piece and try not to gasp.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista

All I've got to say about this collection is... my mom always wonders how I can see through my hair always covering my right eye. Well mom, look at these girls!

Giorgio Armani Prive
Armani Prive marked the end of the first day or couture week. Forbes-named most successful Italian designer, Giorgio Armani, is 73 years old, but he's still kickin it. This season's collection includes finely tailored suits, and flowy sequined chiffon dresses shown below.


Alright, I'm not gunna lie. I relaly didn't like most of Givency's collection. I think it might have to do with the fact that half of the collection reminded me of Jamiroquai. However, I have fallen for the two dresses shown below. Maybe it's the sexy sheerness, maybe it's the braided collar, maybe it's the beautiful far from tacky embroidery, maybe it's the bouncy tassles. Whatever it is, it's a million times better than the other half of Givenchy's collection that drove designer Riccardo Tisci into "Virtual Insanity." Haha I'm so funny.

Elie Saab

Think 18th century Romanticism. As we saw earlier in the Christophe Josse collection, wispy and loose updos are the craze. The ruffled and gathered fabric mixed with floral details makes me swoon.

Jean Paul Gaultier

This season's Jean Paul Gaultier collection is all about the superheroine. Think bird feather woman, barbed wire veil bride, you know.. the classics. So this october, when you're desperately looking for that perfect and unique Halloween costume, just call up your buddy Jean Paul, and wave a few hundred thousand dollars in his face.

Stayed tuned for a special post highlighting Chanel's FW 08 Couture line!

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