John Galliano Knows Something We Don't.

I was looking through the Spring 2009 lines when I stumbled upon John Galliano's Men's RTW line, and it is crazy. As much as I love neons, there is a limit to how many you can shove on to one person.

Maybe I'm just being naïve and John G is on to something huge here. I think I can feel some trends coming on.


Meshfaces plus Snowboard Boots -

Carrot Tops with Gold Lamé Speedos -

Soda Can Heads and Furry Crotches -

And my personal favorite, which I think will be a huge trend for Spring 2009, get so ready.

Giant Sword Hair -

So you never know what's going to be a huge hit, and I mean who doesn't trust a man that looks like a pirate in a hair metal band with an awesome hair curler? I know I do.

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Felicia Chen said...

i love john galliano.