Lindsay's Leggings

By now, I'm sure we're all aware of Lindsay Lohan's love for the leggings. And I'm sure you've all heard about her possible leggings line (no matter how much we wished it was just a funny joke). Now, coming to a store (or website) near you! 6126 by Lindsay Lohan! I know you're really excited, so head on over to Shop Intuition and pick up a pair for yourself! Now you're just some self-tanner and a (maybe) girlfriend and some daddy issues away from becoming everyone's favorite celebrity! The name of the line, 6126, is based on Lindsay's love for Marilyn Monroe, of which we saw as much as we could handle in her NY magazine photo tribute. 6126 is Monroe's birthday (June 1, 1926).

Now on to the real news; the prized leggings. Priced to own from $42 - $132, how can you resist?

First off, we have the Mr. President leggings, (knee pads included). Is this a dirty joke? Or unintentionally funny?

Next up are gold stirrup pants. Now you can be the most stylish gal at disco aerobics!

Zipper Leggings:

And my personal favorite, ankle gloves. Why do my ankles need gloves, you might ask? Especially leopard ankle gloves? The better question is why wouldn't they? You never know when there will be a sudden blast of arctic air directed solely at your poor, unsuspecting ankles rendering you unable to do anything, especially aerobicizing in your stirrup pants. You'll be thanking Lindsay when everyone else is suffering from Frozen Ankle Syndrome (a serious ailment), and yours are toasty and warm (not to mention stylin') in these amazing leopard ankle gloves.

So don't delay! I know you're as excited as I am to never wear real pants again! I'm sure if Lindsay had her way, every girl around the world would forever be pants-less! (Zing!)

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