Music Meets Fashion

Music, fashion.  Both are loves of my life.  But together??  That's simply orgasmic.

Converse recently partnered up with a dream team of musicians for their 100th birthday.  By dream team I mean dreamtastic.  (Yes, I just made that up).  Santogold, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, and Pharrell and the N.E.R.D. crew.  I told you!  Dreamtastic!

The group produced a spicy hott single (and video) for Converse available for free download via their website.  There's the music.

They also did an awesome photoshoot in black and white, sporting All Stars and Converse wear.  There's the fashion.

Since I'm a marketing gal myself, I won't detract website buzz from Converse...  so download "My Drive Thru" at the website while you browse through the classic roster of Converse All Stars or the new clothing collection by John Varvatos.  And don't forget to watch the sweet video below!

Produced By Pharrell - Santogold, Julian Casablancas, N.E.R.D.

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