New Album Time

We all know that 2007 was an amazing year for album releases. We had new ones from Arcade Fire, Of Montreal, Bright Eyes, Cold War Kids and so many more. Now many of these bands are coming out with their next albums, and even though it feels like they're last albums just came out, it's time to get way pumped for another round.

First up, we have Cold War Kids' new album Loyalty To Loyalty which is out on Downtown Records on September 23. You can head on over to their Myspace and check out a new track called "Something is Not Right With Me" and their upcoming tour dates.

The tracklisting for the album was announced the other day:

1. Against Privacy
2. Mexican Dogs
3. Every Valley Is Not A Lake
4. Something Is Not Right With Me
5. Welcome To The Occupation
6. Golden Gate Jumpers
7. Avalanche In B
8. I've Seen Enough
9. Every Man I Fall For
10. Dreams Old Men Dream
11. On The Night My Love Broke Through
12. Relief
13. Cryptomnesia

Another release is also in the works for everyone's favorite Outback lovers, Of Montreal. The new album will arrive on October 7 via Polyvinyl and is called Skeletal Lamping.

Never ones to disappoint, oM are back with 15 more crazy song titles and album art filled with ambiguously naked people. One can only hope that the songs will match up to the awesome titles.

Album Art:


1. Nonpareil of Favor
2. Wicked Wisdom
3. For Our Elegant Caste
4. Touched Something's Hollow
5. An Eluardian Instance
6. Gallery Piece
7. Women's Studies Victims
8. St.Exquisite's Confessions
9. Triphallus, to Punctuate!
10. And I've Seen a Bloody Shadow
11. Plastis Wafers
12. Death Is Not a Parallel Move
13. Beware Our Nubile Miscreants
14. Mingusings
15. Id Engager

Finally, (for now), we have the first solo album from Conor Oberst in 13 years. Although 2007 gave us a Bright Eyes release, I felt that his solo album was worth mentioning.

Recorded in Mexico with the Mystic Valley Band, the new album will be out not on his normal breeding ground Saddle Creek, but on Merge Records, which is also home to Arcade Fire. The whole album is available to stream over at his website. I've already checked it out, and I can assure you that it's still awesome, even without Bright Eyes pal and collaborator Mike Mogis. Conor Oberst is out on August 5th.

Album Art:


1. Cape Canaveral
2. Sausalito
3. Get-Well-Cards
4. Lenders in the Temple
5. Danny Callahan
6. I Don’t Want to Die (In the Hospital)
7. Eagle on a Pole
8. Moab
9. NYC - Gone, Gone
10. Valle Místico (Ruben’s Song)
11. Souled Out!!!
12. Milk Thistle

Hold the phone! As brought to our attention by reader Jessy, Jenny Lewis's new solo album Acid Tounge drops September 9 on Warner Bros. I completely forgot that Rilo Kiley also had an album out in 2007. Sorry to say, it just wasn't that memorable. (Sorry, Jenny and co.)


1. Black Sand
2. Pretty Bird
3. The Next Messiah
4. Bad Man's World
5. Acid Tongue
6. See Fernando
7. Godspeed
8. Carpetbaggers
9. Trying My Best To Love You
10. Jack Killed Mom
11. Sing A Song For The

Head over to Pitchfork for more info and for her tour dates with our other newly solo-ed, Conor Oberst.


jessy said...

Jenny Lewis, Acid Tongue, out this September!!! :)

Felicia Chen said...

cold war kids... delicious