Matt & Kim New Album

Matt & Kim are releasing their first new material in two years on their new album. According to Matt, every spare moment they've had while touring non-stop during those two years was spent recording a new album. Read what Matt has to say about it and download their new song Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare over at RCRD LBL I hope their new album keeps up their standing as the happiest band on the planet. Matt & Kim played here at Syracuse last year, and hopefully they will come back and rock our faces off with their never ending cheeriness.


Hpstr Rnofs

Check out my new favorite blog, y'all, Hipster Runoff. Its a really funnie blog about blogging. So I'm blogging about a blog about blogging. Sooo meta.

"s000 rand0m, but kinda authentic in a post-meaningful kinda way. Just searching for authenticity, y'all." - The Hipster Runoffs

Big Digits - Making Progress


Grizzly Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

Well, I guess this post only has to do with one of those things. (But I sure do love The Office.)

Ed Droste, the lead singer of Grizzly Bear, updated the band's blog a little while ago with a recounting of how, for over a year (and for reasons known only to him), he’s been hounding band member Dan Rossen to record a cover of cheese-filled Top 40 hit 'Too Little Too Late’ by Jo Jo. I know I'm a little late on this, it was put up almost a year ago, but I just found out about it, and I thought it was too good not to share.

Enjoy the Grizzly Bear version and the original JoJo jam.

Grizzly Bear - Too Little Too Late
JoJo - Too Little Too Late


Conor Oberst's New Video

Conor Oberst debuted a new haircut and his new video for Souled Out!!! the other day. More lighthearted than any of his previous videos, this one has Conor and his Mystic Valley Band in front of an old school projector doing fun everyday activities like getting a haircut and going snorkeling. Check out the video, along with his Elliott Smith-esque hair, and get his new album Conor Oberst, out now on Merge.

Also this past week, Conor performed on Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson, both episodes also had an appearance from Jack Black. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe they're secretly BFF. Jack's comedy is the yin to Conor's mopey yang.

Check out C.O. and his Mystic Valley Band performing Get Well Cards on Leno, all in matching shiny letterman jackets with their names on it. Sorry for the poor quality, I'll get a new one up as soon as I find it.

On Craig Ferguson performing Moab, without the lettermans, but wearing the same windbreaker from the Souled Out video.

Conor Oberst - Souled Out!!!
Conor Oberst - Get Well Cards
Conor Oberst - Moab