Port O'Brien

Last week, Port O'Brien hit us with not one, but TWO new videos.

Here's one for "In Vino Veritas"-

And the second for "Stuck on a Boat"-

Sorry for the lack of updates, but school has been nuts! Here's an mp3 to make up for it.

Port O'Brien - I Woke Up Today (alt link)


Sir Ben Kingsley and Minor Threat

One of the things I never thought I'd see in my life, or WANT to see, punk rock Gandhi. Mean Magazine has a video of Sir Ben Kingsley taking on the role of Ian MacKaye, frontman of hardcore punk band Minor Threat. Its just a little (or a lot) akward, and in most of the video SBK's face is covered by crowd members. I guess its still a cool concept, and seeing as Minor Threat are my favorite punk band of all time, (I don't think I wore anything but my Minor Threat t-shirt my first two years of high school), I just had to post.

Check out Sir Ben Kingsley's rendition of the track "Minor Threat" below. I guess it works because both of the guys are bald?

Sir Ben Kingsley STOMPS into the shoes of Minor Threats' Ian MacKaye from Mean Magazine on Vimeo.

Minor Threat - Straight Edge


New New Kids

I don't know if it's because they're from my hometown, but I, much like every kid of the 80s, love the New Kids on the Block. When I heard there was going to be a reunion, you can imagine my excitement. I'll admit that I haven't heard too much from their new album, but the other day I was looking up music from an artist featured in So You Think You Can Dance (don't judge me, I need to live out my wish of imagining that I could ever dance). The artist's name is Lady GaGa. According to her, pop music will never be low-brow. She will apparently be performing a song on the Hills Monday night.

Here is a video of her on SYTYCN performing her cheesy but oh so catchy song "Just Dance":

So anyway, back to the topic, I found a song off the new NKOTB album called "Big Girl Now" and it features our girl Lady GaGa! let me just warn you, this song is so dope fly that you have to get yourself prepared to listen to it. Just a fair warning.

New Kids on the Block (featuring Lady GaGa) - Big Girl Now

Check out The Block, out now.

On another unrelated note, check out this cover of MGMT's Kids by The Kooks. Kids is one of my favorite songs of the summer, and this is an interesting cover of it.

The Kooks - Kids


Happy NY Fashion Week!

From the 5th to the 12th, over 100 designers will showcase their Spring 2009 collections down the runways at Bryant Park in New York. And although we may not be A-list enough to cover the shows from inside the tents, we'll do our best to let you know what's in for next season.

Get pumped!