Tilly and the Wall on Sesame St.

Children's television is trying really hard to up their indie cred these days. It used to be that the only option cool dads and free-spirited moms had to show their hipsters-in-training was Pancake Mountain, and that was mostly via internet, unless you lived in the few cities that aired it. Then came Yo Gabba Gabba with Biz Markie, indie music and their performance from the Ting Tings. Now Sesame Street is hopping on the indie rock band wagon, as we saw from Feist counting 1,2,3,4 on their season opener.

Keeping the trend going, Sesame Street featured Tilly and the Wall teaching the kids about the alphabet and tap dancing. They might be in the running for happiest band ever, (sorry, Matt & Kim), everything they do is happy and energy-filled, especially their live show. I mean how could a band featuring a tap dancer as a main instrument be anything but awesome? This video is great and fun, and I only wish I had the chance to be this cool as a preschooler.

Tilly and the Wall - Nights the the Living Dead
Tilly and the Wall - Too Excited

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