Micachu, Pikachu and the Shapes

We've been quite absent these past few months, but I'm feeling some greatness coming along just in time for summer.

What inspired this first post in months? What's my new obsession? MICACHU AND THE SHAPES.

This brand new trio from East London is all about glitchy beats and quirky colliding melodic lines that seem like they are pasted together messily with a hot glue gun. I know you remember arts and crafts in 2nd grade. The band's head, Micachu (Mika Levi), composes these off-beat unusual pop songs from homemade instruments, creating music that sounds so wrong but feels so right.

Jewellery, their debut album off Rough Trade Records, introduces a fresh, creative and eccentric feel and will take you right out of a terrible music rut. The one take away is that the tracks are all so short with the entire album only being 26 minutes long! Key songs are Lips, Golden Phone, Just In Case, and Vulture, but pretty much they're all fantastic. ChChCheck 'em.

Micachu & the Shapes - Golden Phone

Micachu & the Shapes - Vulture

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